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Z Mitchell
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As your Consultant and Coach, I look forward to supporting and helping you disover ways to foster Belonging and build Psychologically Safety.

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Inclusive Leadership| Engaging Employees

Reflect for a moment: Are you achieving what you want? Unsure of what your next step should be? Are you driving the results you need to? Have you recently received poor employee engagement scores or feedback? Do you have high employee turnover or complaints? 

Let me help you design your personal style and approach to achieve the sustainable results that you're looking for.  I will support and guide you on your journey to achieving your goals and building your legacy as an inclusive leader.

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Strategy & Workshops

Strategy | Workshops | Training & Development | 

How is your employee engagement? Are you able to deploy your strategies successfully? Providing custom strategies and incorporating the necessary workshops, training for you and your teams to improve your interpersonal communication, improve your working culture and improve employee engagement.

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How can I support you?

I'm a leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker who helps improve employee engagement by using best practices from Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Psychological Safety and Process Improvement with my 20 years of corporate leadership experience.

If you're struggling to keep your employees engaged...

If you find yourself unable to find long term success or sustain your momentum ...

Unsure if you're saying or doing the 'right things'...

If you are at risk of hurting your brand ...

Let's get started now!

Get ready to step into a greater understanding and improved approach to achieving your goals!

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Working with me...

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Depending upon schedules and the type of work needed, we can schedule in-person meetings. Focused sessions to support your individual or team needs.

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Phone Call

Schedule a 1-on-1 call with me without a visual contact. Focused sessions to work on your individual needs.

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One-on-One/ Groups


With the use of a software, in a group or individually, we will work together to resolve, learn or explore concerns and brainstorm solutions.

Guest Speaker & Award Winning Author of the book: Inclusive Leadership Now.  

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Topics include: Leadership, Feedback, DEIB, Employee Engagement, Psychological Safety and more.

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Past Clients...

"Thank you Zoe for the fabulous training. Having the words to explain why the words need to change has been empowering - Brooke G. (BDC)

Thank you for such an engaging and enlightening session. There were many take-aways to implement in our daily lives - Andrea

 I loved the sessions as I felt free to share and not be judged. She captured my attention with the amazing introduction (exercise) and smooth segway into the topics. Excellent facilitator who delivered and respected our time. I will certainly attend the next session - Jen

Thanks again for today, I think it was really helpful to guide some of our other conversations and get everyone aligned. It’s always great to have your input and perspective shared- Kristy

The support and leadership she brought was contagious..."

Z Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell - Leadership Consultant, Coach, Author & Speaker

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